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Aug 25, 2013 6:30pm EDT
the fans in texas. he said, i can't go out anymore. i love the enthusiasm. but he takes back doors into restaurants. he took the defensive line out to play miniature golf. imagine a bunch of 6'5", 300 pounders out playing miniature golf. there was no one there. by the time they got done they had to jump the fence over the 9th hole to get home. >> thom: that's a nice catch by cadet. he has the first down all the way to the 30. sean payton wasn't around when cadet made a move after winning a roster spot last year. >> brian: this is a fresh look for sean payton. this is a young man that garnered their attention. we talk about whether it's the running back position. wide receiver. when you break down the roster you will carry that 5 272nd, 53 b man on the roster. you won't lock yourself in to a certain ratio by position because, as i earlier. he's ep heing himself as a running back here. there was speculation that because payton never had seen him front and center all of last year and the preseason robinson, a college free agent out of west texas a & m. those two might be duking it out
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1